Our Mission

We are committed to creating a better way of life in Zambia by utilizing the power of the sun. We aim to reach our goals with our current projects and further continue to expand the use of solar to other rural communities in Zambia.


About Us

LiChi Community Solutions is based out of Filibaba, Zambia. We seek to continuously empower communities, raise the standard of living, and contribute to sustainable community development by mitigating social, economic and environmental challenges. LCS is working to improve accessibility to water and salivation in rural communities, as well as providing power to schools. Providing power to schools will reduce illiteracy levels and improve accessibility to much needed education. Overall, LCS’s mission is to reach out and work with communities, targeting about 5,000 people by 2017 to bring further social and economic development.

The Benefits

of Solar  

The benefits of solar are endless. The most noticeable would be light. This enables people to work or educate themselves at night. The light also provides a way to avoid many dangerous hazards. Along with light, solar is used to power schools and medical facilities, as well as locations for people to charge their communication devices. These systems last for years, they’re save for the environment, they help provide a better lifestyle for those in rural communities of Africa.

Our Team

Fueled by compassion for her people and her belief in renewable energy, Likonge has assembled an all-star team with experiences in electrical engineering, environmental health, information technology, organizational management, rural development, chemical analysis, purchasing, and logistics.


Our Projects

After forming in 2014, LiChi Community Solutions has successfully powered rural communities in Filibaba and Shikwakala with sponsorship from the IEEE Smart Village and Kilowatts for Humanity programs. We aim to expand our current facility in Filibaba and also work with other communities to expand the reach of solar in Zambia.


Help make a difference with LiChi Community Solutions as we work to light up Zambia.



Updates from LiChi Community Solutions

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Transporting Hammer Mill

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